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Max Ukropina


Max Ukropina is a successful businessman and fifth-generation Californian. Spending most of his adult life working to get start-ups off the ground, Ukropina has dedicated his career to creating jobs and making the new economy work for middle class families.


Born and raised in Newport Beach, Max came from a family that knew the value of hard work and fought to achieve the American Dream. From a young age, he watched his parents build businesses and quickly became passionate about the opportunities that America offered and saw first-hand how independence and individual liberties allow working families to thrive.


A graduate of Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, Max went on to excel as an undergraduate at USC, earning a bachelor’s degree from the Marshall School of Business. Upon graduation, Max got involved in a series of start-ups. For over a decade, he successfully grew companies that allowed local businesses and working families to thrive in the new economy.


Max’s faith plays a central role in his life, and he is deeply involved in his church, serving on the safety and hospitality teams every Sunday and leading events throughout the week. Additionally, he serves on the founding board of a non-profit organization that focuses on combatting the growing opioid crisis, an issue that is close to his heart.


While spending his career fighting to build our economy in the private sector, Max has seen California rapidly deteriorate. He’s watched the reckless spending of the career politicians in DC unleash record inflation that is crushing local families. He’s seen high taxes and cost-of-living drive businesses and families out of the state. And he’s watched as once-proud cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have descended into crime-ridden chaos thanks to failed liberal policies.


Max knows that the 47th district is a slice of paradise on the coast, with safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, and beautiful communities. But he’s seen how easily that can change, and he can no longer stand by and watch as the failures in DC and Sacramento continue to crush Orange County families. 


Career politicians are failing Orange County, and it’s time for new leadership. Max will always fight for the values that made our nation and state great, and he’ll make sure the policies destroying LA and San Francisco are never imported to the 47th district.


Max is a proud resident of Costa Mesa.

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