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Parents know their children best. I will be a fierce advocate for protecting parents’ rights in their children's education while ensuring our schools have the resources they need to deliver a top-quality education to every child in Orange County. As a product of Orange County public schools, I realize that schools have introduced distractions into curriculums that have no place in a classroom. I will actively fight to keep our schools focused on preparing students to be productive and valuable people, not pawns in a woke agenda.


Unlike bad policies in Los Angeles or San Francisco, Orange County offers an excellent model on how to effectively ensure public safety. I will fight to ensure that the dangerous LA/SF approach to combating crime–or lack thereof–never takes root in Washington or encroaches in our community. I will advocate for policies that support law enforcement, keep dangerous criminals behind bars, and keep our streets safe.


The crisis at our border is spilling over into communities across the country, including Orange County. Border security is national security. I will be a strong proponent of securing our border, enforcing our laws, and protecting our country from the flow of drugs and human trafficking. 


Washington should be pursuing policies that expand Americans’ access to affordable gas and electricity instead of choking the supply and driving up the cost. I will advocate for a pragmatic, all-of-the-above approach that ensures Americans have access to affordable and reliable energy. The United States should never have to rely on others for our energy needs. 


As a young American who is starting a family in Orange County, I know firsthand how difficult it is to navigate the skyrocketing cost of living . I will fight any legislation or regulation that will drive up inflation in Orange County and champion economic policies that promote opportunity and prosperity for everyone in our community. 


The career politicians in Washington suspended the debt ceiling until 2025 without any serious cuts in spending. In short, our country’s debt crisis is only getting worse, and there is no end in sight. Orange County families and businesses can’t afford reckless debt to be imposed on them from Washington. That’s why I will fight to cut wasteful spending, reduce the debt, and balance the budget in Congress.

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